Children Special Offer

Children New Patient Special Offer

Save $174 when your child receives their first cleaning, doctor exam, x-rays and fluoride for only $105 at Highland Dental Group.

Offer applies for each child up to the age of 12 in your family. Contact us for an appointment today.

The Family Dentist

At Highland Dental Group we understand the importance of starting dental hygiene and care from a very young age. We understand how seriously you take your child’s health and aim to educate and use preventative measures to ensure the best possible results. It is because of this that we understand the needs and importance of pediatric care.

We are happy to do whatever is needed to look after for your child’s teeth and to work with you in maintaining their dental health.

The actions you take now to protect and maintain your child’s teeth will have a large impact on their future dental health as an adult.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.