Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Self Esteem

Many people go to the dentist to have some kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure or cosmetic dental surgery done, primarily because they want to get their teeth straightened or whitened or have a similar outcome. They basically want to have a better looking smile and teeth that sparkle more. But later on – long after the cosmetic results are theirs and the physical process of changing the appearance of their mouth is over with – most patients who have undergone successful cosmetic dentistry reveal that they also gain the powerful benefit of improved self esteem.

That’s because generally speaking when we look better – and we know that we look better – we feel better about ourselves. We have a greater sense of personal empowerment and confidence because rather than being shy about our outward appearance we want to celebrate it as one of our best assets. This is especially true when it involves cosmetic dentistry, because people often judge one another – whether it is something we should do or not – based on the first impression they have. And a beautiful smile makes a strong and appealing impression that is almost a contagious force or a magnet to draw people in and make them more comfortable and interested.

Many people are unhappy with their smile. They may have a smile they consider too toothy, or one that is too gummy. Maybe they have some chipped or missing teeth, a gap, stains, or other features that they do not like and consider drawbacks. Some people are born with crooked teeth or so-called buck teeth, other people have had dental health problems that led to decay, and then are those of us who have been in an accident or similar unexpected event and had our teeth, gums, or mouth hurt or damaged.

Cosmetic dentistry has a remedy for all of those problems, and those who undergo successful cosmetic dentistry not only see a new smile in the mirror but they enjoy the pleasure and self esteem that comes from knowing that they look their very best – both to other people and to themselves. So there is really no reason to go through life with lower self esteem or a lack of self confidence and inferior feelings of self worth, if the cause of those unwanted assessments of ourselves is rooted in the look of our teeth. Physical attributes related to dentistry can be changed, and they can be permanently improved. With better looks and more self esteem come more positive emotions, and psychologists and medical doctors alike tell us that a positive and optimistic state of mind is one of the main contributors to better overall health and wellness.

So if you are not happy with your smile for some reason, consult your dentist. He or she can talk to you about various cosmetic dentistry options that range from do-it-yourself treatments like mild tooth whitening to more complex and sophisticated cosmetic procedures involving cosmetic dental surgery. Whatever the goal, he or she can show you alternatives that are sure to make you smile – and love your smile in the same way that those around you will.

Dr. Kelaher

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