Dental Services


Diagnosis is the process we go through to determine the proper course of treatment for each patient.


Our dentist and hygienist can help you prevent the need for treatment, and so avoid the traditional pattern of fillings and extractions. We use the Diagnodent laser assisted decay detection system, a very effective form of early decay detection. Studies have shown it to be 90% accurate in detecting decay and cavities.


At Highland Dental Group we use mercury-free materials, such as porcelain and silver amalgam, in our treatments. Our use of Cerec technology means that in most cases, only one appointment is necessary to create strong, tooth-colored ceramic restorations.  Our dentists can give you experienced advice on which type of Dentures to get, and whether fixed or removable would suit your needs better, based on professional examination. Crowns can whiten, reshape, and realign your existing teeth; we use the porcelain option, as it gives a more realistic appearance lasts longer.


Implants, unlike other forms of dental prostheses, are surgically placed into the jawbone giving a much more natural feel and look to your tooth.


At Highland Dental Group we offer you an array of cosmetic dental procedures. We use the Deep Bleaching technique as a method of achieving whiter teeth and the more comfortable, aesthetic teeth aligning method, Invisalign. Other procedures available include Veneers, thin porcelain substances that are laid onto your teeth to handle various dental problems.