Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional metal dental braces and is becoming a corrective method used widely in dentistry/orthodontics alike. It uses invisible braces to align your teeth and consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners. Every single aligner is specifically manufactured for your teeth only. Each aligner gradually moves your teeth closer to their desired position, until their placement is fully corrected.

When you visit our office the dentist begins by taking dental impressions or x-rays of your teeth. A three dimensional model is created. Each tooth is taken in the computer model and is moved to its final position, this final position being simulated by computer. Each stage of movement needed is modeled and plastic resin aligners created in stages through to the final point.

There are many advantages to using Invisalign over the traditional metal braces. They are more comfortable than their predecessor and food can be consumed without the hindrance of the older type brace. Due to the nature of the aligner, it is removed prior to eating so you can eat food you enjoy. Invisalign aligners are totally transparent and so are much more difficult to detect.

Invisalign aligners are upgraded every two weeks. This results in a relatively painless treatment as the process is a gradual one. Older options upgraded only every 6 weeks which resulted in more discomfort. X-Rays, cleaning and some other procedures previously not possible while wearing metal braces, are not prevented by Invisalign.

Overall, Invisalign is the more convenient, comfortable and aesthetic form of dental cosmetics.