Partial Dentures

When a tooth has decayed or been damaged beyond repair, it may need to be extracted. If a larger number of teeth have been extracted, whether over a short or long period of time, dentures are a possible solution.

Partial Dentures are used when just a few teeth are missing. They are used to address this problem economically, whether for practical or aesthetic reasons.  This is a time-proven solution  for handling missing teeth.

There are two types of Partial Dentures: fixed and removable. A fixed denture is held in place by a crown, and each denture is tailor-made for the individual.

Upon examination our dentists can assist in determining which option is right for you.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used when most or all teeth need to be replaced by dentures. The dentist will remove any remaining teeth and then make a mold of the patient’s gums. Individual dentures are constructed with care.

We make every effort to ensure that dentures sit comfortably and that the dentures achieve their expected result.