Diagnostic Laser and Logicon computer assisted Decay Detection

Diagnodent laser assisted decay detection is a very effective form of early decay detection.

Studies have shown it to be 90% accurate in detecting decay and cavities, thus giving us a revolutionary tool in dental preventative care. Diagnodent laser treatment is completely pain free and the treatment takes minutes.

Up to 50% of tooth decay can go undetected; use of the Diagnodent laser puts a halt to this decline.

The Diagnodent laser allows us to reduce the amount of fillings necessary and to preserve the natural tooth as decay is caught and treated before reaching its destructive stages. It also allows us to keep check on areas already treated, without the use of x-rays, to ensure good health and full recovery or halt further decline of tooth damage.

All in all the Diagnodent laser assisted decay detection system is a comfortable and easy way to maintain care of your teeth.