Hand – The removal of plaque and calculus with hand instruments. This can also be performed on anyone without periodontal disease.

Piezo Electric/Ultrasonic – These state of the art methods use ultrasonic blasts to rid your teeth of unwanted plaque and calculus. Sound waves are produced as the ultrasonic scaler vibrates which breaks away the unwanted elements from your tooth. This debris is then washed away leaving you with a clean smile. This form of scaling is usually pain free and can normally be done without anesthetic. It also requires less time to complete making it a popular form of scaling.

Sonic – Air driven turbines cause the tip of the scaler to vibrate. This vibration causes the unwanted elements planted on your tooth to breakdown and be removed.

Laser Gum Treatment

This procedure is used to treat periodontal disease and gingivitis. It uses laser energy to remove diseased areas in periodontal pockets. It has the added advantage that it is selective in the tissue it treats, meaning there is little damage to your healthy tissue. This means you experience minimal post treatment effects. This removal of diseased tissue is combined with systemic antibiotics which remove the entirety of any infection.

You will return to visit our dentist one week following this procedure to monitor your progress then again at 30 days, followed by regular visits every three months.

Gum Surgeries/Grafting

Grafting is a procedure used to replace and/or restore missing bone or gum tissue. There are two types of gum tissue in the mouth, one of which surrounds the necks of your teeth and is thick and protective. The other lines your cheeks and the floor of your mouth with the purpose of being elastic and mobile. Soft tissue grafts are used to replace missing thick tissue which has worn away from the necks of the teeth for a variety of reasons. The purpose of gum grafting is to minimize and/or arrest the progression of recession.

Bone grafting is the act of replacing or beefing up the bone around your teeth. Bone grafting is done to halt bone loss you may experience, caused by periodontal disease. It is also used to build up bone as necessary to permit implant placement or add to bone to improve the fit of dentures.