Temporary Home Remedies for Toothaches

One of the worst experiences in the world is to suddenly get a toothache, because the pain and discomfort can be persistently nagging, terribly distracting, and downright miserable to have to try and endure. As soon as there is even the slightest hint of a toothache – no matter what you think may have caused it – is it a good idea to immediately contact your dentist. Tell the dentist your symptoms and take his or her advice regarding what to do next in terms of treatment to remedy the toothache. In many cases your dentist will want you to make an appointment and come in for a checkup so that you can get a professional examination and figure out fast what to do to stop the tooth from hurting you. But in the meantime – if you want to try to relieve the ache with a temporary home remedy until you get a chance to see your doctor – you may want to try some kinds of natural home remedies.

One of the old fashioned home toothache remedies that many people subscribe to for relief involves the common clove spice. Chew a whole clove or acquire some food-grade clove oil from a health food store and rub the essence of clove on the sore place. In some cultures people will rub a slice of fresh lime on the affected area to ease toothache. Sometimes people claim that chewing raw garlic can help a toothache, and others follow a similar method but chew a raw onion or some wheat grass instead of garlic. In India rural villagers will use salt and pepper, rubbed into the affected area around the toothache, as a way to get relief from pain. Ice can often numb the nerves that deliver the pain, so putting a little tiny ice pack against a troubled tooth may help to ease the pain.

Another remedy that was used in olden times and is still popular for some people as a folk remedy is colloidal silver. This is a liquid chemical substance that can usually be found in health food stores or so-called “natural” pharmacy sections of retail establishments that carry vitamins and organic or alternative health products. Those who believe that colloidal silver is a good home remedy for the temporary relief of toothache pain dab a little amount of the colloidal silver on the sore tooth, usually by first dipping a cloth into the liquid and then pressing the cloth against the tooth or gum.

Before experimenting with any home remedy for a toothache or any other health related issue or ailment, be aware that everyone is different so not all remedies will work for everybody. In addition – and this a critical point to remember – many people have allergies or other serious reactions to various medications, home remedies, foods, or other kinds of substances that may be included in the recipe for a home remedy. So before taking any chances on a do-it-yourself toothache remedy, keep those things in mind. If you have any history of adverse reactions to foods or medicines and that sort of thing you may be better off leaving the treatments and remedy prescriptions to a licensed and experienced professional doctor or your trusted family dentist.

Dr. Kelaher

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