At HDG, we LOVE treating children! We’re dedicated to promoting and preserving your child’s dental health from infancy through the teenage years, and beyond. Our staff is trained & equipped to treat child-specific issues & behaviors as well as children with special needs. We leverage our expertise in preventive and therapeutic oral health care to ensure that

ALL children are comfortable throughout the duration of their visit with us.

Our Commitment

We believe in teaching children the basics of preventive oral health care by educating them on how they can protect their mouths from unwanted germs and bacteria, so they can have happy, healthy teeth! We focus on teaching our young patients: how to brush their teeth, how to floss, what kinds of foods are good for their teeth, and healthy routines that can lead to a happy mouth.

From routine checkups and cleanings to digital X-rays & imaging, fluoride treatments, sealants and fillings, we will ensure that your child receives quality care through fundamental procedures and treatments.

On occasion, we may feel that your child would benefit from seeing a pediatric dentistry specialist. In these cases, we’ll describe why we’re recommending this option and will engage in an educational dialogue with you to help you make the best decision for your little one.

Have questions? Just ask! Our team is here & happy to assist you!

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