When we entered the field of dentistry, we promised to transform the way that patients typically perceive a dental health care environment. We were compelled to create a welcoming experience and a calming, comfortable atmosphere that would immediately put patients at ease.

The fear of the unknown is real, and it can be scary. We’re with you! So we’ve made it our ongoing mission to help patients understand the type of dental care that you need and deserve. Our pedagogical efforts are intended to help reduce (and ideally eliminate!) patient concerns, and to put that proud, powerful smile back on your face.

At HDG, we’re committed to educating each patient on treatment options, and to creating an oral health plan that best suits each unique individual. As we see it, our job is to find a way to keep you healthy – perhaps now more than ever – by utilizing a treatment plan you can afford, without compromising quality. After all, a healthy smile plays an important part in our daily lives & we want the same for you!


Dr. Cassandra Richard, Dr. Alexandra Bravoco & Dr. Meghan Powers

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Dr. Cassandra Richard

Dr. Alexandra Bravoco

Dr. Meghan Powers

Dr. Charles Braga

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